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This collection of photographs is of our customers enjoying the sail(s) we have built for them (unless otherwise noted). If you have Squeteague sails on your boat, and have a nice photograph of the boat sailing that you would like to see here, email it to us with a sentence or two about it.

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Etchells 22 asymetrical spinnaker

Etchells 22
flying Squeteague asymetrical spinnaker. Boat owned by David O'Hara.

Ness Yawl main and mizzen

28' Hanley Catboat "Kathleen"
Owned by Tim Fallon. 900+ sq. ft. sail by Squeteague.

Ness Yawl main and mizzen

Ness Yawl
Owned by Walt Kangas.

Seasprite 34 asymetrical

Seasprite 34 "Grand Marnier"
Owned by David Foynes. Asymetrical spinnaker with custom 'cocktail' graphic.

Marshall 22 main

Marshall 22 "Elsie"
Owned by Jon Wood, has custom, over-sized main sporting "E" monogram.

Beetle Cat

Beetle Cat "1st Place"
Owned by Rodger Bowker casting off from her mooring in Wild Harbor, North Falmouth. Libby Bowker at the helm. Squeteague created the sail with red and white alternating panels and blue stars.

Olsen 30

25' W.W. Phinney Catboat "Matchless"
built in 1906. This boat owned by Peter & Dorothy Haney has an unusual full-batten sail. Peter, who is an architect, got the idea from one of Nathaniel Herreshoff's own catboats and redesigned the sail plan with a full-batten rig. He provided us with beautiful blue prints of the new plan to work from for building the sail.

25' Catboat Genevieve

25' Crosby Cat Boat "Genevieve"
Owned by Bob Luckraft. This photograph graces the cover of Stan Greyson's book Cape Cod Catboats. Also see: "Genevieve" sailing reefed.

3 masted schooner

3-Masted Schooner
Steel-hulled schooner built by Eric Loftfield in Hatchville. Carries a complete inventory of Squeteague sails and sailcovers.

Islander 29

Islander 29
Qwned by Tom Doherty sailing out of Fairhaven, MA with his Squeteague main and 135% genoa.

Olsen 30

Olsen 30
This boat carries a complete inventory of Squeteague sails including the spinnaker with custom graphics.

Cooper 50 asymmetrical spinnaker

Cooper 50 "Whynot"
at the time of the photo owned by Sandy Weld of Chestnut Hill, MA flying its Squeteague asymmetrical spinnaker off the coast of Alaska. The question mark insignia is 25 feet tall!

Cotuit Skiff main and jib

Cotuit Skiff "Katana"
Boat built by Conrad Geyser in 2010. Owner Tom Klein says, "The boat is very fast and Iím sure the Squeteague sail is a big factor."


Bill Stirling's home built peapod with cream Squeteague sail.

Schooner Larinda

65' Schooner "Larinda"
Built by Larry Mahan in Marstons Mills, Larinda was a 26 year backyard building project. Originally designed with a standard 2 masted fore and aft schooner rig, Larry elected to rig her as 2 masted junk. She is currently undergoing a refit in Nova Scotia after being struck and sunk. She carries a complete suit of Squeteague sails.

Lightship 20

Lightship 20 "Brendan the Navigator"
This 20 foot, steel-hulled, pocket-cruiser was designed and built by Larry Brown. It is shown here flying its Squeteague lateen main and jib. We also built an asymmetrical spinnaker for her (not shown).

Pooduck Skiff

Pooduck Skiff
(12' 10") owned and built by Brian Lobdell of Marstons Mills from plans by Wooden Boat Magazine. Brian finished the boat this sping and had us make the sails for her.

Olsen 30

Antique Model of a Friendship Sloop
These replacement sails were made for a model owned by an antique dealer in Boston. Cose-up of sail details.

Anderson Cat

Anderson Catboat "Romula"
This photo is kind of special. It came to us from Ed Roberts of Glen Head, NY with the following note:

Enclosed is an 8x10 of me sailing the Kunhardt family's Anderson cat Romula on Squeteague Harbor, August 1936. This was one of a fleet of six boats purchased by various Cataumet families in 1925 from Anderson's Boatyard in Wareham. Although an Anderson design, the boats were actually built by Mert Long, who was employed by Anderson at the time. This picture was taken from the end of the Kunhardt (Emmons) dock. About ten years ago the faded original snapshot was re photographed and restored by the photo lab at Mystic Seaport.
Ed first discovered Squeteague Sailmakers on the Web and ordered a new suit of sails for the '97 season for his Bullseye which he sails on Long Island Sound.