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Repairs & Maintenance

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Sail Repairs

Sail repairs are always our number one priority during the summer season. We understand how important your sailing time is and want to help you get back out onto the water as soon as possible.

Annual Maintenance

Proper annual maintenance can greatly extend the life of a sail as well as prevent catastrophic failures during use. Fall is the best time to bring sails in for annual maintenance so that they will be stored over the winter in clean repaired condition and will be ready to go in spring.

We offer two annual maintenance plans:
  1. Washing, inspection for damage and folding: $4.50 per lb.
  2. Inspection for damage and folding only for $2.50 per pound.

The minimum charge for either option is $60.

Climate controlled winter storage is $1.50 per pound. Storage for serviced sails is free if the invoice is paid within 30 days.

Battens, hardware and sheets, etc. should be retained by the owner whenever possible. If for any reason they should be included, they will be weighed with the sails and will contribute to the charge for service.

Unless otherwise instructed, we will make normal repairs on any damage found during inspection which is necessary to proper maintenance of the article. In the event that the cost of any repair work seems questionable in relation to the value and condition of the article, we will contact you before proceeding. All repairs are charged at regular repair rates as listed.

Pick-up and delivery are available by us locally or through U.P.S. in the continental United States.

Canvas Work

We repair and fabricate new sailcovers and other small fitted canvas articles. Prices for new canvas quoted on request.

We no longer make larger fitted items such as dodgers, boat tops and winter covers due to the retirement of Len Hayden who was our chief canvas fabricator for 20 years.