Squeteague Sailmakers

Custom Made New Sails

Photo of computer and plotter carriage.
Catboat 'Kathleen' undersail

Every sail we build is custom designed and made to suit the specific needs and sailing habits of each of our customers. We do not cut corners by building "stock" sails or using "canned" designs. Sails are a big investment and we believe our customers deserve to have sails that are going to suit their particular needs.

The best way to design the "perfect" sail is with a computer, and we are proud to say that we are the only sailloft on Cape Cod with in-house computer-aided design and cutting capability, and have been for the last 35 years. This means that the people you speak to are the same people who design and build your sail.

Gaff-rigged catboat sails are specialty of ours. Pictured on the right is 'Kathleen' a 28 foot catboat with her 900+ sq. ft. sail. See our photo gallery for more pictures of our sails.

Once your new sail has gone out the door of the loft with you, we continue to stand behind it. If you want us to show you how to set, adjust and get the most out of your sail, we will go sailing with you.

For a free quote on a custom built new sail, please call the loft at 508-563-3080.

If you just want to get some idea of what a new sail will cost, use our online price estimator. You need a JavaScript capable browser to use the price estimator.

The following articles answer two of the most frequently asked questions we get about new sails:
Photo of long arm sewing machines in machine pits.